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Too much medication can worsen your migraine.

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Migraine Canada is a website dedicated to education about migraine. It has been created and is edited by the Canadian Headache Society, but is not yet registered as an independent not-for-profit or charitable organisation.

The goals of Migraine Canada are :

  • Provide educational services to the headache sufferer and his/her family
  • Raise the awareness level among the general public of the nature and impact of headache disorders
  • Assist the medical profession and other health disciplines in the management of headache disorders
  • Co-operate and work with governments at all levels to advance knowledge about all aspects of headache disorders and to encourage governmental assistance in this field
  • To maintain and operate an educational website on the subject of headache disorders.

Canadian Headache Society Board of Directors, 2014

Dr. Jonathan Gladstone (President)
Dr Sian Spacey (Vice-president)
Dr. Werner Becker (Treasurer)
Dr Elizabeth Leroux ( Secretary)
Dr Farnaz Amoozegar
Dr Paul Cooper
Dr Jeptha Davenport
Dr Suzanne Christie
Dr Rose Giammarco
Dr Gordon Mackie

Migraine Canada is the english partner of Migraine Quebec, a francophone website edited by Dr Elizabeth Leroux and registered in Quebec as a not-for-profit organisation.

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