You have been taking a preventative treatment for 4 months and your follow-up appointment is coming up. How can you tell if you should continue it or not?

The following situations are often brought up during the follow-up appointment:

  1. The treatment was not well tolerated. It has to be determined whether the effects were really significant and caused by the treatment. The doctor will probably suggest trying another treatment.
  2. The treatment was not well tolerated, but the positive effect is not clear. In this situation, the doctor will probably advise to increase the dose.
  3. The treatment is tolerated and effective (50% improvement on the frequency and intensity of attacks). It is a success! It can be decided to increase the dose to gain more benefits from the treatment.

To facilitate and accelerate the follow-up appointment, bring your migraine diary with you. At a glance, the doctor will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the medication.