Read this page to know when to consult with a doctor for your child’s headache.

You absolutely need to see a doctor if your child:

  • Has a new headache that worries you;
  • Is under 4 years old and shows signs of headaches;
  • His/her pain is severe (preventing him/her from functioning normally);
  • His/her pain gets worse every day; His/her pain keeps him/her up at night;
  • His/her pain increases when he/she coughs or during physical effort;
  • His/her pain is located in the back of the head;
  • Has hit his/her head before the headache started;
  • His/her pain is accompanied with one of the following symptoms: fever, vomiting, changes in vision, neck stiffness, changes in the level of consciousness, loss of balance;
  • His/her headache does not respond to medication;
  • His/her headache resembles a migraine, but no one in the family has migraines;
  • His/her headache is associated with a change in personality.