Most patients are worried about taking treatments for an extended period of time. “Is this treatment toxic for my body? Does it create addiction? Will its effect fade away? What if I get better?”

Most of the time, when you take a preventative treatment, it is because your migraines have a negative impact on your everyday life.

Discuss the planned duration of treatment with your doctor. If you are worried about the risks related to taking a medicine for an extended period of time, remember medicines used against migraines are often used long term for other diseases and are usually safe.

If your situation improves with the use of a preventative treatment, it is probably because it is effective. Do not stop using it without consulting with your doctor and, most importantly, do not cease to take your medication abruptly, because you may trigger a “storm” of attacks.

Usually, a preventative treatment is taken for a year. The doctor may then re-evaluate the situation with you. Migraine can vary in frequency at different stages of your life (hormonal changes, stress, rhythm of work…).