Headache doctors are overloaded. That is an international fact. Migraine is so frequent that access to care is limited in the majority of countries. Health priorities often do not include headache. How can we help more patients?

By working as better teams with better tools. Nurses are key allies for migraine care. They can educate patients, answer their questions, help them manage their medications and adapt their lifestyles. They can help the doctors to answer phone calls, triage for emergencies, and link with other specialists as needed. They are just SO helpful. The problem is, there are not enough of them, either. Health Systems often won’t allocate nurses to headache care. They will pay for them to join teams caring for «real diseases» like stroke or multiple sclerosis. But migraine is a chronic disease in need for long term follow-up and nurses can help, exactly like they do for disease management models existing for diabetes or asthma. Good news: nurses are now more represented during medical congresses. There are forums where they can share, research on their activities, and opportunities for them to network.