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Natural supplements for migraine

Different nutraceuticals and supplements have been studied for migraine prevention. These products are often perceived as safer and «more natural». Overall, supplements are active substances and should be managed exactly like medications.  A few comments can be made on supplements.  There are multiple brands of…

The Combination Principle

Your migraine attacks just won’t break with one medication? Try two! Some migraine attacks are difficult to treat. The migraine attack is a chemical and electrical storm in the brain that leads to pain and a wide variety of accompanying symptoms (See this post).  The…

Opioids and migraine: AVOID!

What are opioids? Opioids are painkillers. They act on natural morphine receptors in the brain. Opium, extracted from the poppy plant, is a natural opioid. There are many different synthetic opioids.  Name Brand Equivalent of morphine dose Morphine Statex 1 Codeine Empracet (with acetaminophen) 0.15 Oxycodone…