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New drugs for the prevention of migraine will soon be available. These drugs, called CGRP monoclonal antibodies (MABs) are expected be more expensive than available treatments. Reimbursement of CGRP MABs by public drug coverage plans will be determined by an evaluation by a canadian institution called CADTH. In Quebec, a similar process takes place and is led by an institution called INESSS.

In this process, patients are asked to provide opinions and experiences about migraine and currently available treatments. Migraine Canada/Migraine Quebec wish to partner to gather the voices of migraine patients and submit a Patient Review to CADTH/INESSS.

The first drug to be reviewed will be ERENUMAB, a CGRP receptor MAB marketed by Novartis and studied by Amgen. There are many new drugs on the horizon for migraine. We anticipate that we will do other Patient Reviews for these new treatments, and this basic data will be very helpful.

In this survey, you will be asked about:

A: Your insights on what it means to live with migraine

B: Your experience with health care for migraine

C: Your experience with available migraine preventive treatments

D: What you would consider a meaningful success (positive outcome) with a preventive treatment

E: IF you have participated in clinical studies with Erenumab, your experience with this drug.

We ask that you answer all the multiple choice questions. We understand that time is always limited. You are free to skip the open answer questions, but be aware that your personal testimonials have a significant value.

Together, we hope to make migraine treatments accessible, so everyone can find the best option available.

The Migraine Quebec and Migraine Canada teams do thank you for your time!

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