A Better Life for Canadians with Migraine

Why sign an online petition?

It’s true, online petitions have no legal value. Still, if we gather 10 000 names (or more), it will give us leverage to approach governments and institutions. We starting to reach out, developing a network. If we assume that 10% of Canadians live with migraine (that’s 3.8 million people), we should be able to build a community with significant political power. We will run this petition until June 21st, which is International Migraine Day. How many people can we reach until then?

It all starts with a first knock on the door. Will you answer?

Our goal: a better life for people with migraine in Canada


Migraine is a common and disabling neurological disease. It has a huge impact on people, their families, their work and society in general. It is a highly variable disease that requires adaptation and flexibility, both from persons living with it, their network, and from health care providers proposing treatments.


I am a Canadian citizen. I agree with the following statements. Our society should work toward a better life for people with migraine in all ways possible. In Canada, we aim toward the following:


  1. People with migraine are not blamed, shamed or stigmatized.
  2. Health care providers are educated about migraine diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Effective and science-based treatments (including medications, procedures, neuromodulation, inpatient care and behavioral approaches) are accessible.
  4. Employers are informed about the impact of migraine in the workplace and propose reasonable accommodations to allow people with migraine to be fully productive.
  5. Teachers and school personnel are educated to better support children with migraine.
  6. People with migraine are protected from financial abuse by groups making excessive claims about miracle cures.
  7. Migraine, in its severe chronic form, is recognized as a cause of disability.
  8. Headache medicine are supported in Family Medicine, Neurology and other relevant academic departments by, among other initiatives, training residents adequately.
  9. Research on migraine and headache disorders is adequately funded and is recognized as a public health priority.
  10. Associations are active to allow people with migraine to find information, find support and advocate for a better quality of life.


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We will run this petition until June 21st, which is International Migraine Day. Number of people who have signed: 541

What if I do not have migraine? Will there be actions for me?


If you live with another headache disorder, please remember that though we are focusing on migraine now, our Vision and Mission do include other headaches. Future actions will be oriented toward cluster headache, post-traumatic headache, etc.


If you suffer from a CSF leak, please visit: