What is the Migraine Pharmacy Network? 

The Migraine Pharmacy Network (MPN) is a network of trained community pharmacists who provide enhanced support to patients diagnosed with migraine headaches. This network has been designed in collaboration with leading Canadian Headache Specialists, Clinical Pharmacists and Specialized Family Physicians experienced in Migraine Headache Management. 

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The MPN offers you free and easy to use resources and clinical support to help manage your migraines. 

Who? Community pharmacists, nurses and the MPN program team provide free services to migraine patients. 

What? Education on migraine headaches and treatment options, lifestyle management through care plans, ongoing support from migraine-trained pharmacists, migraine assessments and side effect management. 

Where? The program is currently offered in Ontario. Please consult the pharmacy list to find a participating pharmacy near you. You can also visit https://well.ca/migraine for a free virtual consultation with a migraine trained pharmacist right from the comfort of your home. 

How can the MPN help me better manage my migraines? 

The MPN offers patients: 

  • Reliable information and resources, including materials developed by Migraine Canada. Convenient access to migraine management services both virtually and in person. 
  • Review of your migraine history and current disease state (frequency of attacks, impact on your life, current and past treatments, etc.). 
  • Your pharmacist will work with your treating physician and provide a summary report of your assessment to your physician. 

Can pharmacists help a patient who has headaches, but is not sure if they are migraines? 

Yes, however a diagnosis can only be provided by a physician. The pharmacist could assist patients in finding a physician if they do not already have one or recommend that they see their treating physician for a consult. Pharmacists can also provide undiagnosed patients with educational resources and refer them to the Migraine Canada website and migraine tracker app, if relevant. 

Once a patient has a migraine diagnosis, they can benefit from the network and receive free clinical and lifestyle migraine support from the pharmacist. 

What is the cost to join and receive MPN services? 

The MPN is free for all patients. 

How can I enroll into the Migraine Pharmacy Network? 

How can I find a pharmacy that offer these services near me? 

You can find a list of participating pharmacies by clicking here. The program was launched in July 2020 in Ontario, and the number of participating pharmacies will grow over time. 

Who is managing the Migraine Pharmacy Network? 

The Migraine Pharmacy Network is an initiative of McKesson Canada and other industry partners. Migraine Canada is collaborating with the MPN as it is a new resource for people with migraines. Access to medical care for migraine in Canada is not always easy. The Migraine Pharmacy Network proposes a new way to involve pharmacists in the care of people with migraines.