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Sleep : how to improve it without medications

sleep really going to improve

Many people with migraine have difficulty with sleep. 

The first step to a better sleep is to make a few routine changes and maintain them over a few weeks at least. Have a look at our list below, pick the changes that seems to fit you best and stick to them. 

Is my sleep really going to improve if I make changes to my routine? 

According to a study by a team from South Carolina, making simple changes to the sleep routine allowed 48% of people with chronic migraine [1] to improve back to an episodic state (< 15 headache days per month). 

The Ultimate Sleep Check List

Adopt a regular daily routine

Make your bedroom a good place to sleep

Prepare for bedtime and create a routine to wind down before going to sleep

Try to keep it natural

Talk to your doctor 

Some people suffer from severe insomnia [7] and may need either one-on-one cognitive behavioral therapy or a referral to a sleep clinic. Some medical conditions like sleep apnea [8], menopause hot flashes and others can significantly impact sleep. You may discuss this with your physician if sleep remains a problem despite sustained attempts at a better routine.

To read more:
https://www.sleepfoundation.org/ [9]

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