Slide Migraine is invisible on
CT scans and MRIs
Slide Skipping meals is a common
trigger of migraine
Slide 10% of children are living
with migraine
Slide Just like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis,
migraine is a neurological problem
Slide Physical activity has a
positive effect on migraine
Slide Filling out your migraine calendar
helps a lot your treatment
Slide Your brain hates changes: to control
your migraine you must aim at regularity.
Slide Too much medication
can worsen your migraine
Slide There is a person with migraine
in 25% of Canadian households
Slide Headache is a symptom,
not a diagnosis
Slide Canadians deserve better care for
migraine and other headaches
Slide There is no one-size-fits all
approach for migraine

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