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How to Get Back from Chronic to Episodic Migraine
June 17, 2024 @ 7:30 PM ET
Presented by Presented by Dr. Elizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPC, Neurologist, Headache Specialist

Move for Migraine 2024
June 15 – June 23
Join us for our annual Move for Migraine fundraiser event!


Mindful Migraine Management
Presented by Christie Tate, MN, NP-PHC Nurse Practitioner, Natanya Mandel, Migraine Coach and Patient Advocate

Presented by M. Wasif Hussain, MD, FRCPC (Neurology)

Clinical Hypnotherapy as Part of Migraine Treatment
Presented by Susan Cape, Registered Social Worker and PhD Candidate & Natanya Mandel, Migraine Coach, Patient Advocate

Re-Training Your Brain: Strategies to Reduce Migraine Symptoms
Presented by Kelly Hayes Crook, Patient Advocate

Diagnostics & Treatment
Presented by Dr. Will Kingston MD, FRCPC

Research Presentation: Air Pollution and Migraine
Presented by Dr. Andrea Portt MSc, PhD Candidate and Dr. Christine Lay, MD, FAHS

Perimenopause and Migraine
Presented by Dr. Candice Todd  MSc, MD, FRCPC