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Shruti’s Story

“I interviewed Shruti a few months ago and she has written the following to share her story:” I don’t remember life without pain, or migraine. I was 12 or 13 when I was first diagnosed. It was after years of trying to articulate the pain….

Migraine Talks Podcast

Dear Friends, Migraine Canada is proud to present its latest media production, “Migraine Talks” with Dr. Elizabeth Leroux. Migraine Talks is a series of 12 episodes which you can listen to on, on Apple Podcast, on Google Podcast, and on Spotify! While exploring the basics…

Migraine Pharmacy Network—Patient FAQs

What is the Migraine Pharmacy Network?  The Migraine Pharmacy Network (MPN) is a network of trained community pharmacists who provide enhanced support to patients diagnosed with migraine headaches. This network has been designed in collaboration with leading Canadian Headache Specialists, Clinical Pharmacists and Specialized Family…

Tips for Athletes with Migraine

Whether you’re a professional athlete or play sports casually, migraines can affect your ability to participate in athletics. Being aware of how to manage your symptoms and prevent migraine attacks are key to limiting the effect of migraines on your athletic commitments. Here are a…