The Migraine Tree Team

The Migraine Tree was made possible by the collaboration of a team of patients and health care providers. Migraine Canada™ thanks all the volunteers and collaborators who worked on this innovative project.  The next step: improve the Tree and make it grow with patient stories, research reports and different formats (podcasts, handouts).

  • Tasjeel Ansari, headache fellow, Toronto
  • Werner Becker, neurologist, Calgary
  • Freddy Damani, marketing manager, Calgary
  • Tamara Dunn, nutritionist, Fernie
  • Alain Godbout, physiotherapist, Montreal
  • Jonathan Guay, computer engineer, Bromont
  • Trudy Hauser, Executive Assistant, Calgary
  • Caitlyn Holtby, neurologist, Kelowna
  • Beth Kidd, patient advocate, Calgary
  • Jennifer Kirker, nurse practitioner, Calgary
  • Elizabeth Leroux, neurologist, Montreal
  • Marissa Lagman-Bartolome, neurologist, Toronto
  • Kristen Marshall, patient editor, Whitby
  • Allison McLean, occupational therapist, Calgary
  • Alex Melinyshin, headache fellow, Calgary
  • Danny Monsour, headache fellow, Toronto
  • Marta Mrozek, patient editor
  • Andrea Portt, PhD student, Toronto
  • Eric Rousseau, physiotherapist, Quebec City
  • Sharon Pham, psychologist, Calgary
  • Jillian Reardon, pharmacist, Vancouver
  • Joseph Schachters, patient editor
  • Kirsten Short, patient, Vancouver
  • Rachel Jing-Lin Lu

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