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Migraine Canada™ is young and growing. We are a registered charity, with lots of work to do to improve the lives of Canadians with migraine and other headache disorders. Would you like to help?

Basics about volunteering


Remember that you don’t have to be available right now. If you register in our Volunteer database for a specific position, we could reach out to you for specific projects when time comes.


Get started: Do you…


Then go ahead and see how you could contribute.


Volunteer Positions: find the right one for you!

Supporter positions are accessible to anyone willing to lend a helping hand to our community.

Leader positions require specific skills, the ability to independently move a project forward and a commitment of 6 to 12 months.

Supporter positions

  • Be available to share your experience of living with migraine in different platforms including the media
  • Contribute a testimonial for our website
  • Approach people and institutions in your network to raise awareness about Migraine Canada™
  • Diffuse Migraine Canada™’s resources in your network

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  • Diffuse our events (phone call, posters, social media)
  • Welcome guests
  • Help with venue preparation and logistics
  • Take pictures
  • Record and edit videos
  • Organize your own local event
  • Collaboration with the Event Planning Leader

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  • Be on the radar for potential sponsors
  • Approach potential sponsors
  • Fill grant requests and follow-up on them
  • Do a personal kick starter for Migraine Canada™
  • Find a creative or innovative way to raise awareness and money
  • Collaboration with the Fundraising Leader

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  • Research and summarize different topics for the benefit of our community
  • Investigate a specific situation «on the field»: access to treatments, laws and policies etc
  • Review and simplify scientific research for lay people
  • Collaboration with our Board

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  • If you are in the media and could help with the diffusion of our press releases, let us know

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  • If you are an accountant and are willing to provide pro bono services for tax filing and audits please contact us!

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  • Translate documents and resources in other languages
  • French is an obvious one (we do collaborate with Migraine Québec)… but any is welcome as we can collaborate with other patient associations around the world!

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  • Realize brief interviews with patients and health care providers
  • Be present during Migraine Canada™’s events to produce short clips for social media
  • Produce original creative and educational content on migraine and headache disorders

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  • Migraine associations all around the round are struggling to find spokespeople who are known to the public. There is still a stigma on migraine and headache disorders.
  • If you feel like you could be a spokesperson, or know someone who could be, contact us.

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Leader positions

Download the full document for the position description

  • At present time, our team does not have the capacity to manage support groups, but this idea is on the horizon.
  • Still, if you have experience with support groups and would like to be involved, please contact us.

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For more information on volunteering in general, see volunteer.ca

Any questions welcome!