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Migraine Canada is proud to present “Migraine Talks” with Dr. Elizabeth Leroux. Migraine Talks is a series of 12 episodes which you can listen to on MigraineCanada.org, on Apple Podcast, on Google Podcast, and on Spotify!

While exploring the basics as well as more advanced approaches to treating migraine, the episodes discuss a range of topics, from food triggers and migraine in the workplace, to exercise and children, to name a few, in a casual setting with no frills.

The first three episodes have been released, and episodes 4 to 12 are scheduled to be published every two weeks, between mid July and December.   Migraine Canada is extremely thankful to our special guests, both Health Professionals and fellow Migraineurs, who made this project possible.  We hope you will enjoy listening to these half-hour discussions.  

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We will release 12 episodes in 2021 !

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