You want to master your migraines? Consider using a headache diary. The diary allows you to do many things that could improve your headache situation, for example: 

  • Tracking the frequency and severity of episodes
  • Observing the effect of treatments 
  • Tracking triggers and link with the period 
  • Monitoring medication overuse 
  • Following healthy lifestyle approaches for migraine management 

This important tool will help you monitor your attacks and the results of treatments. It will also make your communication with your health care provider more effective. 

Many options are already available in paper form and app form to help you monitor your migraines. Every person is different and might prefer an option to another. 

A new Canadian diary App is now available. It proposes the following features: 

  • Available for free on Apple and Android, in French and in English. 
  • A 0-1-2-3 approach to severity grading 
  • Three ways to send results to your health care provider (print, email, fax) 
  • A calendar view and a graphic summary view to follow statistics over many months
  • The App allows to track triggers, symptoms, medications, if the users chooses to do so

This App was designed by Dr Elizabeth Leroux, President of the Canadian Headache Society, in partnership with 3ALogic, Canadian headache experts and patients. This team hopes that this new tool will be helpful to people living with migraine and is expecting to gather feedback from users.  

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