About Us

About Us

We are a nationally registered charity organization dedicated to improving

the lives of all Canadians living with migraine and other headache disorders.

The Five Pillars of Migraine Canada™ 

Awareness: raise awareness of the public on the nature and impact of migraine and headache disorders

Education: provide accurate and reliable information on migraine and headache disorders to patients, their families and social network 

Support: through information and sharing, decrease stigma and provide support

Advocacy: collaborate with institutions and governments to improve access to care

Research: collaborate with researchers to increase knowledge on migraine and headache disorders, especially in Canada

Our Board :  

Brittany Bartlett, Halifax, NS

Dr. Werner Becker, Calgary, AB

Evan Lawlor, Edmonton, AB

Dr. Elizabeth Leroux, Montreal, QC

Meredith Maxwell, St. Catherines, ON

Boris Nevelev, Toronto, ON

Jillian Reardon, Vancouver, BC

Lindsay Neeley, Ottawa, ON

Our Staff :  

Wendy Gerhart, Executive Director

Kaley Hamilton, Events and Programs Administrator

Alexandra Morinello, Social Media and Communications Coordinator

Migraine Canada’s Vision

Canadians living with migraine and headache disorders are diagnosed, treated and supported so their quality of life is optimized.

Migraine Canada’s Mission

To improve the lives of Canadians with migraine and other headache disorders through awareness, support, education, advocacy and research

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