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Why keep a migraine diary?

The most useful tool for migraine specialists is the migraine diary. The diary keeps a record of the frequency of attacks and efficacy of medication. In three months, you will not remember everything!

A migraine diary is very helpful to plan the right treatment for you. With a diary, we can evaluate the situation at a glance. To treat cholesterol, blood samples are necessary. To treat diabetes, glycaemia is monitored. To treat migraine, a diary is required!


Here are a few good reasons to keep a diary:

  • To identify triggers and to avoid them;
  • For women, to establish the link with menses;
  • To determine whether you suffer from different types of headaches and to assess with your doctor how to treat each type;
  • If you take a preventative treatment, the diary shows what the frequency of your headaches is, and helps us see if the treatment improved your situation. It is not always easy, 4 months later, to tell if the amount of attacks has really decreased. Your diary can be very detailed of very basic depending on your needs.
  • Finally, if you have filled out a diary, do not forget to bring it with you for your next medical appointment!