Advocacy letter for people taking CGRP

Make Your Voice Heard ! - Patients Currently on CGRP Medication and Doing Well

This form can be used by Canadian patient advocates to contact their local government representatives and
provincial health minister.
  • Enter your postal code to find your local representatives.
  • Subject of the email that will be sent
  • Dear [Name of the Government Representative will be added automatically]
  • First half of the letter
  • For more impact, you can personalize the message with your lived experience. Think about including
    • What life was like pre-treatment on CGRP
    • What life has been like since starting a CGRP (include brand name)
    • What the benefits an effective treatment made to quality of life, work life, home life, etc. (ie. reduction in number or severity that allowed you to do X)
  • Bottom part of the letter
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Here is an example of the letter

Note: After submitting the form, an email containing the PDF letter will be sent to each of your selected representatives.   You will receive a copy of that email.