Migraine Report Card

Migraine is one of the leading causes of disability in Canada. Yet people living with migraine and related headache disorders face many barriers to accessing adequate care and treatment across the country.

Our new Report Card on Access to Care and Treatment for Migraine in Canada highlights inequities across the country and shines a much-needed light on existing gaps in migraine care. This includes timely and accurate diagnoses; access to appropriate treatments; lack of educational training for health-care professionals; and ongoing stigma and misunderstanding of migraine being “just a headache”.

The Migraine Canada Report Card is also designed to help Canadians evaluate what medications their province provides reimbursement for. If your province isn’t stepping up, we encourage you to support our advocacy efforts and use the seamless platform on our website to write and speak to your elected provincial or federal representative about the lack of equitable reimbursement access and patient/physician choice in treating migraine.

People living with migraine deserve better. That’s why our focus in 2024 is to engage in dialogue with decision makers about the report and why we are making these recommendations to improve migraine care in Canada.

Read the report to learn about our actionable recommendations to improve migraine care and access to effective treatments.

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Migraine Canada Report Card Cover

You can use these infographics as a summary of highlights from the report:

  1. Access to Care and Treatment
  2. Feedback from Healthcare Professionals
  3. Recommendations for All Provinces

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Infographic on access to care and treatment for migraine in Canada   Infographic with feedback from healthcare providers on access to care and treatment for migraine care in Canada.   Infographic on recommendations for all provinces from Migraine Canada on access to care and treatment for migraine.