TORONTO, ON JUNE 2, 2023 – Migraine Canada™️, is proud to announce the second Move for Migraine Canada event being held during Migraine Awareness month. This annual initiative aims to raise awareness, eliminate stigma and improve the lives of the 4.3 million Canadians affected by migraine and headache disorders. 

Migraine is a neurological disorder that affects individuals from all walks of life, regardless of gender or background. Despite its prevalence and debilitating impact there is currently no cure for the disease. People affected by migraine face stigmatization and the disease is not recognized as a valid disability. With 25% of Canadian households impacted by migraine, this leaves millions of people feeling misunderstood and isolated, contributing to anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. 

In response to these challenges, Move for Migraine Canada was established as an awareness and fundraising campaign to unite communities across the country and support those impacted by migraine. Last year the event raised over $30,000 in donations providing improved educational opportunities, research and advocacy supporting the Canadian community. 

“The funds raised from last year have contributed to initiatives leading to improved access to new migraine treatments and our recently launched Canadian Migraine Disease Language Guide in collaboration with Migraine Quebec. Canadians affected by migraine need more supports.” Wendy Gerhart, Executive Director of Migraine Canada 

The Move for Migraine Canada event will span a week, from Sunday, June 18 to Sunday, June 25. This is the first year that the event will be a hybrid format, with options to participate virtually or by volunteer-led local meet up. Anyone interested in holding a local in-person meet up is encouraged to reach out to Programs Coordinator at .

Participants can show their support by engaging in various activities, such as running, walking, bicycling, swimming or simply relaxing in order to raise awareness, express solidarity and fundraise for Canadians living with migraine. 

Donations can be made via the Peer-to-Peer fundraising platform, either individually or as a team with family, friends and colleagues. Each participant will have the opportunity to share their unique fundraising page and personal stories to promote their fundraising goals. 

During the week of Move for Migraine Canada, landmarks across Canada such as Niagara Falls, The CN Tower and BC place will be illuminated in the colour purple in support of migraine awareness. The community is encouraged to capture the moment and share on social media with #Move4MigraineCanada #lightupformigraine

Move for Migraine was started because I saw a need for our voices to be heard, a need for education, and a need for community.Move for Migraine is more than just a fundraiser, it’s going to have a lasting impact on our community for years to come – Christina Sall, founder of Move for Migraine Canada

Teams and Donations can be made here: 

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Migraine Canada™️ is a registered charity supporting the fight against stigma for all Canadians living with migraine and related headache conditions. 


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