Migraine is all in your head of course (because it is a neurological disorder we can now see)…but it is also in your genes. Studies on ten thousands on patients have revealed susceptibility genes for migraine.

This means that there is not ONE gene for migraine. There are many, and each unique human combination has a risk to develop migraines. The genes identified play a role in different functions of the body: the chemical activity of the neuron, the contractility of the arteries, the sensory system (receptors for pain) and a category of enzymes in the brain called metalloproteinases. Brain networks are terribly (or excitingly) complex. We have to stop thinking about «the cause» and «the cure». There are many genes, many causes, many treatments and many coping strategies. You cannot erase your genes, instead you need to modulate your body/brain network with your behaviors (sleep, exercise, relaxation) and eventually medication (acute and preventive).