Join other Migraine Warriors during a 2-hour focus group to share your comments on migraine websites.

We believe that you, and all other Canadians, deserve an Association for migraine and headaches support.  Our current website will be improved to fit your needs; are you interested in being a part of this group of movers and shakers?

August 28, 2018 7 – 9 pm

Propellus Offices 105 12 Ave SE Calgary

Here is what we need:

Check out the following websites and consider the questions below:


  • what you liked on each site/what did you not care for?
  • what did you click through to first?
  • most interesting aspect of the website?
  • was there something you had hoped to find that was not there?


What to expect at the focus group?

  • a volunteer activity including 7 -8 Migraine Warriors, the moderators will be Freddy Damani from WEUS, and Dr. Elizabeth Leroux, University of Calgary, Neurologist and Clinical Associate Professor, Migraine Lead
  • questions about the websites; discuss your impressions, needs, and interests, not visiting knowledge and/or personal history from participants
  • insights and feedback will help us to improve the Migraine Canada website, enabling visitors to obtain the information and support they need
  • to register for this focus group please email
  • we welcome all feedback, if you cannot attend the focus group but would like to share your comments regarding the Migraine Canada website, please email info@migrainecanada.organd on the subject line type WEBSITE FEEDBACK


We thank you for your participation; Migraine Canada wants to make the voice of Migraine Warriors heard.  We are looking forward to you being part of the adventure!


See the invitation:

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