TORONTO, ON Nov. 24, 2022 – Migraine Canada™ has officially received charitable status and has a solid strategy in place to help the 4.3 MILLION Canadians living with chronic migraine and other headache conditions.

Founded  in 2019, Migraine Canada™ continues to build and support the community with a mission to help all Canadians living with migraine and related headache conditions get the support they need and live a full life. The support is currently limited due to a lack in understanding and negative stigma surrounding headache and Migraine. The stigma that stems from limited social understanding of migraine symptoms becomes harmful to those living with chronic pain, limited resources and support.

Many living with Chronic Migraine are unable to be productive in the workplace or maintain employment. For many, the ability to live a productive life is difficult or impossible which can lead to isolation, loneliness, unpredictability and contributes to struggles with anxiety and depression.

Migraine Canada™ is on a mission to fight this harmful stigma through Education, Awareness and Advocacy. 

Currently, through the support of sponsors and donors Migraine Canada™ is working to build an informed and empowered community by providing; 

  • Free webinars with qualified healthcare professionals.
  • Free Facebook live discussions focused on relief and prevention.
  • A valuable website loaded with free credible information and resources written by topic experts.
  • Advocacy on behalf of the community; and 
  • Supporting engagement and empowerment through self-advocacy

This is the first year that Migraine Canada™ will participate in the annual Giving Tuesday Campaign in an effort to raise awareness and solicit donations to support: 

  • future educational programs & events
  • research and development initiatives
  • community initiatives (like Move for Migraine Canada™ 2023)
  • Canadians living with migraine through advocacy and education. 

“Your donation directly supports the work we do to educate and advocate on behalf of the community. Every dollar raised allows us to advance our mission for people to optimize their quality of life living with an incurable neurological condition.” – Wendy Gerhart, executive Director of Migraine Canada™

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About Migraine Canada™

Migraine Canada™ is a registered charity supporting the fight against stigma for all Canadians living with acute and chronic migraine; and related headache conditions. 


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