The Migraine Painful Truth: What are we going to do about it in Canada?
On World Brain Day, the Migraine Canada™ team reflects on what should be done.

If you live and Canada and you suffer from migraine, you are probably aware that access to care is not that easy. How to find a physician who «gets it»? A physician who can propose appropriate treatments, adapted to your situation? Who will listen to your questions and concerns? Why are waiting lists so long? Why are so many physicians just «not interested»? Why do you hear so often that «there is nothing else I can offer»?

It might be in part because the training of physicians on headache disorders and migraine is limited.It is limited in part because migraine and headaches are stigmatized. Health Ministries are not paying attention. Medicine Teaching Programs have a blind spot. And boom, you have it: a vicious circle leading to YOU not having access to care.

Fortunately, things are changing.New research demonstrates that migraine is far from imaginary. New treatments prove that things can get better for people with migraine. Other headache disorders like cluster headache and CSF leaks are studied seriously. In this momentum of change, headache and migraine advocacy develops.

Here are statements from an international meeting on migraine advocacy (GPAS1) held in Vancouver in 2018 (read the full document here)

The stigma must be broken:
Headache disorders should be destigmatized among policy makers, employers and the general public.

People with headache should receive care:
Individuals with headache disorders should have access to competent medical care, which involves consultation with a local healthcare provider educated or trained in Headache Medicine who can provide an accurate diagnosis and evidence-based treatment.

Education leads to better care:
Training in Headache Medicine should be integrated into all medical school and postgraduate medical education curricula

Information is power:
Regional and local partners should work to gather data on headache disorders, including information on the impact of these disorders on quality of life.

The Board of Migraine Canada™ is dedicated to people with migraine and headache disorders. Step by step, we will do our best to provide useful information and tools to help you on your journey. Like us, join us, share!

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