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What is menstrual migraine?

Menstrual migraines are headaches that are associated with your period (menstrual cycle). During a specific time of your period, hormone levels such as estrogen drops which can trigger migraine headaches.   What is the medical definition of menstrual migraine?  If you are experiencing more painful headaches…

Contraception and Migraine

Women have 3 times higher risk of having migraine than men. Reasons for this include hormonal fluctuations and genetic factors.  Migraine may be a lifetime disorder especially for women and can be troublesome during their reproductive years (i.e. start of menses to menopause). During these…

How to use a Migraine Diary

«Migraine is invisible on an MRI…but it is very visible on a diary» Let’s face it, monitoring migraine is important. During your migraine journey, you will try different treatments, and it will be very important to observe what is going on. Of course, if you…

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