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Exercise and migraine

What are the physical effects of exercise that impact migraine biology?  Exercise has multiple physical effects. It influences the hormonal system, the vascular system, and the inflammatory state of our body. It will also change the metabolism of neurotransmitters like serotonin, opioids, endocannabinoids and CGRP….

Pregnancy and Migraine

** Pregnancy is a sensitive situation in medicine. Please discuss any question with your health care provider before making health decisions.  Migraine commonly occurs during a women’s reproductive years. Treating migraine during pregnancy can be challenging as the migraine pattern may change, and most importantly…

Menopause and Migraine

What is menopause? This is the time in a woman’s life where her periods stop as the levels of hormones including estrogen and progesterone goes down. Menopause typically occurs between the age of 45-55. On average, the age of menopause is 51 years.  You may…

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