Patient advocate Kelly Hayes-Crook shares how this online event helped her to manage migraines better 

Migraine snuck into my life almost 30 years ago, shortly after a couple of bungee jumping experiences and has never left.  Although, the flavour and texture of it has changed, the constant has been disabling pain, stomach problems, extreme sensitivity and very challenging cognitive issues.  My efforts to seek help left me insulted, angry, confused and deeply discouraged.  I understood my condition but I had great difficulty finding a medical professional to listen. 

Finding the Migraine World Summit gave me hope.  I listened to every speaker, took notes and went to my doctor appointments armed with knowledge.  Migraine is a lonely, invisible disease but I now knew I was not alone.  I no longer fear migraine; I dislike it immensely but now I understand it.  I understand that I have a neurological disease – a highly sensitive neurological system – that needs consistency.  I have a myriad of medicinal and non-medicinal tools thanks to the interviews on Migraine World Summit.  

After 15 years of chronic migraine, I have recently experienced periods of episodic migraine so I know it is possible.  I am volunteering with the Migraine World Summit for the second year, and the videos once again are jammed with valuable information and hope – hope for more pain free days, hope for more people including our doctors to understand that it is so much more than a headache.

 Join us for 10 days of expert interviews and top notch science starting March 18. Learn from experts and researchers from all around the world, patient advocates and medical professionals including our own, Migraine Canada™ founder Dr. Elizabeth Leroux. 

Knowledge is power! 

Kelly Hayes-Crook, patient advocate