Here is an easy checklist of healthy changes you can make to your diet that could help your migraine. Do this before you engage in any more complicated diet. 

• Drink more water, herbal tea

•  Drink less juice, caffeine, alcohol 

•  Stop drinking sodas

•  Do not skip meals

•  Have a healthy snack handy to avoid cravings (high in protein, low in sugar) 

•  Avoid refined sugar and artificial sweeteners 

•  Avoid processed food, eat more fresh food

•  Adopt a healthy mediterranean diet: more vegetables, whole grain, lean protein

If you want to take it one step further: 

• Consult a nutritionist 

•  Try a lactose-free or gluten-free diet

•  Try an elimination diet with a structured approach 

And also…

•  Do NOT engage in expense cures, food fads or extreme diets

•  Do NOT avoid every potential food that could be trigger without a proper observation, especially if you have frequent migraine

•  Keep your horizons open. Remember that diet is not the only component of a healthy migraine-friendly lifestyle

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•  Read more on the ketogenic diet See this post


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