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Medical Article

Migraine with aura: an overview

STORYBOX: Shelly is now familiar with her aura. The normal one starts with a little flashing dot on the right side of her vision. The dot becomes bigger and transforms into squiggly lines. Gradually, this flashing becomes gray then dark. After 40 minutes, she gains…

Natural supplements for migraine

Different nutraceuticals and supplements have been studied for migraine prevention. These products are often perceived as safer and «more natural». Overall, supplements are active substances and should be managed exactly like medications.  A few comments can be made on supplements.  There are multiple brands of…

Going to the Emergency Department

Going to the emergency department is usually a difficult experience. This may be the worst place on earth for a person with migraine (apart from a death metal concert). Strong lights, noises, smells. Uncomfortable chairs. Long wait times. A migraine attack might not be a…

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