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New Daily Persistent Headache

What is New Daily Persistent Headache? According to the International Classification of Headache Disorder (the reference book for headache diagnosis), a diagnosis of NDPH can be made if:  A. Persistent headache fulfilling criteria B and C B. Distinct and clearly remembered onset, with pain becoming…

Cluster headache : basics

MAIN IMAGE: cluster headache art  What are the typical characteristics of a cluster headache attack? Location of pain: eye, temple, forehead. The pain may also go to the cheek, jaw, teeth and neck.  Type of pain: very severe, excruciating. Sometimes described as a poker crushing…

Should I worry about this headache?

Headache is an extremely common symptom that can be caused by migraine, but also tumors, infections and other illnesses. There are more than 200 causes of headache in the International Classification Of Headache Disorders! (our Bible for headache diagnosis). The vast majority of headaches…

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